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About the book

In his highly debated book centered on investment, M.G. Roberts challenges the traditional principles of “buy and hold” by adopting a different concept. He unlocks the patterns and trends to be adopted to surpass the S&P 500 by 100%. With an easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions backed up by extensive research and data, on when to buy, when to sell and how to outperform the market, this is a must read for any stock trader.

Provided in this book are 41 strategies enhanced with tables and charts displaying the probability of best buy and sell situations and also the probabilities of success based on available records.

Current Statics

  • 100% Back Tested!
  • 41 Amazing Strategies!
  • 74.3% Probability of Success!
  • 21.1% Average Yearly Gains!

Who this book is for

For investors who like to have a hands on approach to their investments but don’t want to be day trading.

Clear Step by Step Analysis

This book shows you the scientific approach when the best time to buy and sell through the year. The book identifies seasonal patterns that occur at each industry sector level so you can gain an advantage on the market swings and leverage them to increase your return on investment.

The table on the right is shows on average the monthly return on the S&P 500. The book goes into more detail about which are the best weeks to be in the S&P 500 and when to sell out.

Now it may not seem much but over time it makes a big difference as you can see in the chart below if you applied two of the patterns described in the book starting with $10,000 in 1982, today you would have made $391,419 with the pattern trading as opposed to the buy & hold method you would have made $194,271, that is a $100,000 difference!

In this book you will learn to:

Incorporate the power of compounding in your portfolio. Many investors still apply the traditional rule of buy and hold strategy but the deficiency of the law is that it lacks the power of compounding. A simple method on how to get the best of compounding and enhance your portfolio is described in this book.

Protecting your Assets from market corrections! Market correction is a common occurrence that happens regularly without warning and in few weeks an individual could suffer loss of portfolio by up to 50%. Highlighted in this book are ways of becoming immune to the impact of market corrections without making it your primary concern.

Take advantage of huge market swings! Have you ever wondered the possibility of benefitting from market corrections? You will be enlightened by the content of this book.

Takes away the emotion of trading. This book also helps you to get rid of the effect of emotions when trading. It liberates you from the disastrous effect of greed and fear that marks the activity of even the best traders.

Avoid investing in a few high risk firms. I am sure you will prefer investing in a product that acts like the S&P500 and involves 500 companies rather than just 5 high risk firms? You will learn from this book which safer products you can put your money and ensure diversity instead of investing in few high risk firms.

Readers Reviews

Discovering The Pattern - Five Star reviews!
Very definitive and step by step guide to swing trading. Inside the book, Roberts explores the basics of swing trading with clear and concise guide, rules to success, analysis on how to succeed, strategies, and the best platforms for swing traders. The best thing is that Roberts lays everything out on the table & chart so to speak. Overall this book is an excellent guide that is written in an accessible way for diversified financial education! – Roger Lewis (Lulu)

Discovering The Pattern - Five Star reviews!
I really enjoyed this book.It has taught me a lot about ETFs and also has very valuable charts.Although i have so much to still learn, this book gave me a great insight into what is involved and realistic expectation of what it will take to be successful.Highly recommended. – Alex J Newton (Lulu)

Discovering The Pattern - Five Star reviews!
Very well written. Nice and easy explanation & statistical analysis.The strategies are deep and must should follow in order Well done.This is an informative book,written from experience,not just theory.Thanks to the author for providing the concept as well as a step by step plan for implementation .Great analysis, resources and references inside. – Jimmy Coleman (Lulu)

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