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The acclaimed ebook “Discovering the Pattern” is now available as a paperback on Amazon!

In his highly debated book centered on investment, M.G. Roberts challenges the traditional principles of “buy and hold” by adopting a different concept. He unlocks the patterns and trends to be adopted to surpass the S&P 500 by 100%.

With an easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions backed up by extensive research and data, on when to buy, when to sell and how to outperform the market, this is a must read for any stock trader.

Current Statics

• 100% Back Tested

• 33 Amazing Strategies

• 75.4% Probability of Success

• 25.95% Average Yearly Gains

“Discovering the pattern” explains in full detail how to:

• Incorporate the power of compounding. Forget about the traditional rule of buy and hold strategy that lacks the power of compounding. Learn about a simple method on how to get the best of compounding and enhance your portfolio.

• Protect yourself from market corrections! Market correction is a common occurrence that happens without warning and could lead to loss of portfolio by up to 50%. Learn how to effectively manage the impact of market corrections without suffering the impact. Alternatively, learn how to proactively benefit from upward swings using the methods described in this book.

• Takes away the fear in trading. This book also helps you to get rid of the effect of emotions when trading. It liberates you from the disastrous effect of greed and fear that marks the activity of even the best traders.

“Discovering the Pattern” is a simple, easy to read and more direct than most investing books, plus it contains all the necessary research with back tested results. This must read shows exactly the ETF’s to invest in, the risk vs. reward, and the times to buy in and sell out. A new edition will be coming out every year with updated data and results.


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