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Investment into the stock market is one of the best tools that you can use to build the secure financial foundation for you, if you have the detailed understanding of stock market and its trading system. However, for those of us who are not professional stockbrokers, the stock market investing seems to complex and risky. Therefore, Stock market investing will arm you with the information you need to understand the complete of stock market investing.

“Discovering the pattern” is exactly that book, I think  everyone must needs to read this book completely to learn the stock market investing & trading system well. You are encouraged to read this book in its entirety to understand the trading system revealed in its pages fully, before you attempt to apply the patterns in the management of your investment portfolio. In this highly debated book centered on investment, M.G. Roberts challenges the traditional principles of “buy and hold” by adopting a different concept. He unlocks the patterns and trends to be adopted to surpass the S&P 500 by 100%. With an easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions backed up by extensive research and data, on when to buy, when to sell and how to outperform the market.

This book explains every recommended pattern in detail, so that you will know and fully understand the strategies and are able to choose which part of the pattern to use. “Discovering the pattern” 2017 edition came’s with new data, adjustments to the past & present strategies and possible new strategies, which you can use to diversify your portfolio and make sure your strategies are on track.

Based on a major study of stock market winners from 1883 to 2016, this expanded edition gives you:

⇒Fundamental of Investing.

⇒Basic Stock Investing Strategies.

⇒Stock Analysis for Beginners.

⇒Fundamental Analysis.

⇒Technical Analysis.

⇒Analyzing stocks fundamentals.

⇒Technical Trading.

⇒Finding the pulse of the market.

⇒How to protect your positions.

⇒The S&P500 trading System.

⇒Buy & Hold vs. The Four Trades System comparison.

⇒Trading instructions for the ETF.

⇒Historical yearly returns.

⇒Average annual returns for both buy & hold and trading strategy.

⇒Finally the A-Z of stock market investment.


“Discovering the pattern” is an excellent source for a basic understanding of market action, be it day or longer-term trend trading. “Discovering the Pattern” is a simple, easy to read and more direct than most investing books, plus it contains all the necessary research with back tested results. This must read shows exactly the ETF’s to invest in, the risk vs. reward, and the times to buy in and sell out. A new edition will be coming out every year with updated data and results.

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