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As mentioned in my book gold does well in the first few weeks of the year.

So How did I do this year?

Overall from the trades I made about a 10% return, which was ok, I would have expected a better return on this one. Things for me to take away with is when it aggressively rallied (which it did 3 times) I should have just sold out and let it pull back to buy in again. But I didn’t want to play around with this too much I just wanted it to take it’s course.

The blue arrows indicate where I bought the pink arrows where I sold or where my stoploss triggered.

NUGT (gold) Daily
NUGT (gold) Daily

Yesterdays FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting announced Fed rates remain unchanged for now which means that gold remained unchanged that day, it did fluctuate and triggered me out. Since this is now week 5, NUGT has had it’s run for me, time to move move into other ETF’s that will be more bullish. However I know that there are plans to rise Fed rates later in the year so when the next FOMC meeting is on my calendar and when it comes round I will be watching for more buying and selling opportunities before and on the day of the meeting.

The two that I picked yesterday to buy in were TECL (technology) and ERX (Energy) both had nice pull backs (See charts below) over the past few days. I plan to be in TECL and ERX till about week 19 where there is the next typical seasonal pullback. And as the weeks progress incremental move my stoploss orders to lock in gains.

TECL (Technology)

TECL (Technonlgy) Bullish

ERX (Energy)

ERX (Energy) Bullish

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