The day I got spooked from a market prediction I made years ago and what is due to happen this year.

Today is a spooky day for me, the market tanked due to the political fears, regarding Trump and alleged ties to Russia. But that’s NOT the spooky part, the spooky part is I made this prediction over two years ago, that week’s 19 and 20 just don’t do well seasonally for the S&P 500 and once again it holds true!


It’s is so strange but the S&P 500 had a distinct poor performance in these two weeks and although when writing my book a few years ago. I was on the fence about sharing that these two weeks because I didn’t want to be too specific, but the data was so strong and it made such a difference to the trading strategy I decided to keep it in.


The more concerning part and the part that I want to stress to you is that I also predict that the market has a HUGE MARKET CORRECTION and it’s going to happen THIS YEAR or the next year and that the S&P 500 will drop 50% of its market value in 1-2 years.


There currently is a lot of globally uncertainty not just in the U.S. but in China, Russia and Europe on many issues on global trade, Brexit, immigration and politics.


Please share this with EVERYONE, I don’t care if you buy my book or not but give your friends and family the opportunity to move their portfolio into more conservative and low risk products like bonds.


There is still time but I would recommend taking action before week 32 that is 8/6/2017 and will continue till week 46 11/18/2017.


If the dip does start in this period then it may continue for 1-2 years before it starts recovering.