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It’s Here! The new edition of Discovering the Pattern is out today!

After much late nights, lots of cups of coffee, the new edition is available now! iBooks as well as Kindle and Lulu.

But “what is it about?” I hear you ask, ahh well I have been working on strategies that leverage seasonal trends in various industries. I believe that supply and demand goes up and down like clockwork just like Christmas, spring, winter, black Friday, summer vacations, so on and so on. All these events have an effect on the stock market and are different depending on the industry.

What is in the new addition?

I have added 8 more strategies so you can diversify your portfolio even further they are as follows:

With an overall 84% probability of success against the buy and hold method and an average yearly return of 25% against the buy & hold method which has an average return of 6%.

In my book it tells you in detail which weeks to be in and which week to avoid for each different ETF, it also tells you the winning probability and the average yearly returns for the trading system compared to the traditional buy and hold method, so you can determine risk and reward.

Own it today!

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