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When I set out to write this book, I had a very specific type of reader in mind. I wanted to share my valuable discovery of a pattern that reliably eliminates the risk in the markets, a risk amplified enormously by increased volatility and the more frequent boom and bust cycles caused by Fed-induced bubbles in the economy.


If you have had it with the craziness of the violent ups and downs in the markets and seeing your portfolio shrink by as much as 40%-60% in a matter of weeks, this book is for you!


I do not blame anyone who has given up on the markets or is about to throw in the towel, but do not despair because help is here!


Discovering the Pattern tells you exactly week by week what is the best position to be in for a variety of ETF products what is the average return and the percentage probably of a positive return, so you can take advantage of seasonal swings and increase your return leveraging compounding simply by being in a few trades per year.


But a picture paints a thousand words! so below is chart showing the trade strategy that is in the book compared to the traditional buy & hold method.

Chart blue sp500 vs 4t

Based on data from 1983 to 2015 the strategy out performs the S&P 500 and doubles your return! Now wouldn’t you like that in your portfolio?


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