First Edition Available Jan 2016!

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It’s finally here! Discovering the pattern will be available for sale on Kindle on Jan 2016.
This controversial book about investing, takes the traditional rules about the buy and hold method and turns it completely on its head. Through the book you too will discover the patterns and trends that you can take advantage of to beat the S&P 500 by 100%. With an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide of when to buy and sell, over time outperforming the market. If you are serious about making money on the stock market and living the life of your dreams then this is a must.

  • Use the power of compounding in your portfolio. The buy and hold strategy is used by most investors but it does not take in the power of compounding. This book uses a simple method to leverage compounding and double your portfolio.
  • Protecting your ASSets from market corrections! From time to time market corrections happen and when they do they happen fast and you could lose 50% of your portfolio in a matter of weeks, this book will show you how to guard against such corrections without you having to watch it every day.
  • Take advantage of huge market swings! What if you could take advantage of huge market corrections and use them to increase your portfolio? This book will show you how.
  • Takes away the emotion of trading. Fear and greed effects even the best of traders, this book has a strategy that takes away the emotion of trading altogether.
  • Avoid putting your money in a few high risk companies. If you could put your money into one product that behaves like the S&P500 and have the safety of being in 500 companies than just say 5 companies wouldn’t you prefer that instead? This book will show you safer products to invest in and create that diversity, rather than putting your money into a few high risk companies.

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