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It’s finally here! the first edition is out now for purchase!

This highly debated book centered on investment opposes the traditional principles of the buy and hold method adopting a different concept. The book will be resourceful in highlighting the patterns and trends to be adopted so as to surpass the S&P 500 by 100%. The book features an easy-to-use, step-by-step instruction on when to buy, sell and outperform the market overtime. Also contained in the book are extensive analysis and research on portfolio diversification of many industries. An annual revision and update is carried out to incorporate and modify the strategies adopted in the previous year. The book is a must read for individuals that desire to live their dream life and amass wealth through the stock market earnings.

  • Incorporate the power of compounding in your portfolio. Many investors still apply the traditional rule of buy and hold strategy but the deficiency of the law is that it lacks the power of compounding. A simple method on how to get the best of compounding and enhance your portfolio is described in this book.
  • Protecting your Assets from market corrections! Market correction is a common occurrence that happens regularly without warning and in few weeks an individual could suffer loss of portfolio by up to 50%. Highlighted in this book are ways of becoming immune to the impact of market corrections without making it your primary concern.
  • Take advantage of huge market swings! Have you ever wondered the possibility of benefitting from market corrections? You will be enlightened by the content of this book.
  • Takes away the emotion of trading. This book also helps you to get rid of the effect of emotions when trading. It liberates you from the disastrous effect of greed and fear that marks the activity of even the best traders.
  • Avoid investing in a few high risk firms. I am sure you will prefer investing in a product that acts like the S&P500 and involves 500 companies rather than just 5 high risk firms? You will learn from this book which safer products you can put your money and ensure diversity instead of investing in few high risk firms.

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